OSHA Fines Wisconsin Asbestos Removal Company For Exposure

New Glarus, Wisconsin. – United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigators have found A&A Environmental Services Inc. responsible for failing to monitor the levels of carbon monoxide for employees inside an asbestos material or product containing area.

Ultimately, the company has violated the health and safety precautions  required to protect workers and properly conduct the removal of asbestos.

On Oct. 18, 2016, OSHA has determined the Wisconsin based company responsible for nine serious health violations and four willful violations. A&A is currently faced with expected citations totaling the amount of $243,716.  Under the provisions of the Electronic Freedom of Information Act A&A Environmental Services citation and notification of penalty assessed can be viewed more in detail.

The health and safety agency further investigated the amount employee exposure and the company’s failure to implement the proper engineering devices to lower workers exposure, caused severe violations in protecting their employees.  The investigators have found exposure in workers over an eight hour period averaged over fifty parts per million.

A&A Environmental, an asbestos removal company located in Madison, Wisconsin,  specializes in asbestos abatement and the removal of multiple very toxic chemicals.  The company should be leading by example to help pave the way to a asbestos free future.

An asbestos removal company, like A&A, is needing to set the standards for workers health protection against such a deadly mineral.  There is no excuse for a company that is well educated on the removal of asbestos to not properly take the right precautions to protect their employees.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency labeled asbestos to be up to six different types of naturally occurring minerals. All six types of asbestos minerals are currently labeled as deadly human carcinogens.  When asbestos containing products or materials are disturbed millions of microscopic “fibrils” can release into the air causing individuals to suffer severe long term health issues.