Asbestos Dust | Why is it Killing People?

Misinformation has lead to a nation affected by asbestos fibers across the country. Understand the history of asbestos will educate you on why asbestos is such a deadly mineral and how it has spread across the world.

Asbestos was used in all sorts of building materials and products produce before the ban before the 1980’s. If you think about the historical buildings that surround our nation, it is stated that any building constructed before 1980 contains asbestos related materials.

With there being little awareness of how the material is hazardous in a fiber like form, the population knows very little. With asbestos being such a miracle mineral for many industries it was probably overseen of the side effects. The mineral was very durable, flexible and also contained heat resistant properties. Another main popular attribute is that is was very inexpensive. Large scale of mining this material began in the mid 1900’s and currently resides in a abundance of products and materials.

Currently you do not have to look hard, even in your home to located asbestos related materials. WHen certain structures are disturbed, that area can possible release asbestos fibers/dust in the air. If the dust or fiber are inhaled you could be at serious risk to developing an exposure to asbestos related disease.

Understanding the symptoms that involve the exposure to these materials can assist you with your next doctor check up. The diseases that can develop from the exposure include asbestosis, lung cancer and even symptoms of mesothelioma. It is highly recommended to set an appointment with your primary care doctor if you have any concern that you may have been exposed to these fiber like materials, even if you had a family member that worked with asbestos materials. You may be subject to secondary exposure. It is important to also understand the health and safety requirements when working around these hazardous materials.