OSHA Fines Wisconsin Asbestos Removal Company For Exposure

New Glarus, Wisconsin. – United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigators have found A&A Environmental Services Inc. responsible for failing to monitor the levels of carbon monoxide for employees inside an asbestos material or product containing area. Ultimately, the company has violated the health and safety precautions  required to protect workers and properly conduct…

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A Dangerous & Long Slow Death | Asbestos Mining

Asbestos is a fibrous, naturally occurring mineral that has long been mined and used for their heat-resistance and insulating properties as construction materials. This deadly mineral has most certainly created the nation to be at high alert in regards to exposure to asbestos. As being one of the most popular minerals used in the 1900’s…

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Asbestos Dust | Why is it Killing People?

Misinformation has lead to a nation affected by asbestos fibers across the country. Understand the history of asbestos will educate you on why asbestos is such a deadly mineral and how it has spread across the world. Asbestos was used in all sorts of building materials and products produce before the ban before the 1980’s.…

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Deadliest Occupations in America – Video

deadliest jobs america

Of course there are some occupations that are more dangerous than others. In the United States occupations that are high in fatalities are focusing on improving safety and health procedures. OSHA demonstrates a Hazard Identification Training Tool to educate business owners and employees the process on locating hazardous places. Outdoor occupations seem to be more…

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Mesothelioma FAQ: Financial Assistance, Asbestos Exposure, Lawsuits, Trust Funds & Beyond

mesothelioma faqs

It can be very frightening and life-changing to receive a mesothelioma diagnosis; even learning you have an asbestos disease can transform your life and your health. Here’s a look at some of the most common asbestos and mesothelioma FAQs, including answers to questions about asbestos exposure, mesothelioma trust funds, mesothelioma financial assistance and more. What is Asbestos? Asbestos…

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